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Arkansas Inmate Records

Arkansas inmate records are a compilation of detention-related information pertaining to prisoners of the state of Arkansas. The data contained in these records include personal information such as the names, birth dates, gender and aliases of these inmates and official data, including criminal histories and current charges, booking information, DOC number, sentencing details, court and/or prospective release dates.

Arkansas Correctional System

The Arkansas state corrections system comprises all jails, detention centers, prisons, penitentiaries and penal institutions managed by local and state agencies. These facilities are tasked with housing incarcerated persons within state limits, and their operations are typically designed to suit the nature of the inmates assigned to them.

While most facilities operate uniquely, the state department of corrections establishes operational guidelines for state-managed institutions. These guidelines are often adopted by local law enforcement agencies that operate county and city detention centers and jails. However, while the state department often disseminates data related to state prisons and prisoners, information regarding local facilities and their inmate records may only be obtained from the staff of these institutions.

Arkansas State Prison System

The Arkansas Department of Corrections oversees the affairs of all state prisons and correctional institutions in Arkansas. In total, the department caters to 23 facilities including offices that mostly attend to the administrative functions of the state prison system. At the state level, inmate records are managed and disbursed by the state department of corrections through the department staff and the online resources available on its website. Information unavailable through either of these channels may be obtained by querying the facility where the inmate is detained. See facility locations and contact information below:

How do I Visit Inmates In Arkansas Prisons and Jails?

The visitation guidelines, procedures, and requirements of Arkansas state correctional facilities are detailed on the ADC visitation page. Summarily, inmates are entitled to visits from persons who are named on their approved visitation list. Each visitor is required to complete a visitation application which should be submitted to the visitation clerk of the facility. Once approved, visitors may schedule their visits on any of the designated visitation days of the family.

The number of allowable visits that an inmate is entitled will depend on their criminal classification. A maximum of four visitors are allowed per visit but all the children of the inmate along with 2 adults may be allowed unless the facility warden objects for space-related concerns.

Adult visitors are required to arrive at the facility with a government-issued photo ID as well as all children above age 12. However, minors under 18 may not be allowed into the facility unless accompanied by an approved adult visitor.

Contacting Incarcerated Persons In Arkansas

Arkansas state inmates are allowed mail correspondence with persons outside the facility.

As per state laws, inmate letters must be written with black ink on no more than two sheets of 8½ x 11 inches of copy paper. Only cards the size of the paper may be included and all readable material such as books, magazines, and newspapers must be mailed directly from a traceable outlet. However, no care packages or edible foods may be included.

All mails which do not fit the above-stated descriptions will be treated as contraband and mailed back to the sender or destroyed. Correspondence should be addressed thus:

  1. Inmate’s Name and ADC Number
  2. Name of Unit
  3. P.O. Box Number or Street Address
  4. City, State, and Zip Code

Return Address

  1. Full Name of Individual or Business
  2. Street Address or P.O. Box Number
  3. City, State, and Zip Code

How do I Send Money to an Inmate in Arkansas?

Friends, family, and charitable organizations may send money to Arkansas state inmates by mail, online or by phone orders. To send money via mail, the sender must download and fill a Money Order Deposit Slip legibly. Each slip must indicate the name and ADC number of the receiving inmate. The order must then be accompanied by the money order and delivered to:

Arkansas Department of Correction:
Trust Fund Centralized Banking
P.O. Box 8908
Pine Bluff, AR 71611

On the other hand, online deposits may be made through the Online Inmate Deposit Service while phone deposits can be made through (866) 250-7697.

Locations of Arkansas Correctional Facilities

Listed below are the addresses and contact information of all correctional institutions, administrative offices and related facilities in the U.S. state of Arkansas:

Administrative Annex East
2403 East Harding,
Pine Bluff, AR 71601
Phone: (870) 850-8510
Fax: (870) 850-8550

Barbara Ester Unit
7500 Corrections Circle,
Pine Bluff, AR 71603
Phone: (870) 267-6240

Benton Unit
6701 Highway 67,
Benton, AR 72015-8488
Phone: (501) 315-2252
Fax: (501) 315-3736

Central Office
Princeton Pike Road
P.O. Box 8707,
Pine Bluff, AR 71611-8707
Phone: (870) 267-6999

Cummins Unit
Off Highway 65
Lincoln Co.
P.O. Box 500,
Grady, AR 71644-0500
Phone: (870) 850-8899
Fax: (870) 850-8861

Delta Regional Unit
880 East Gaines,
Dermott, AR 71638-9505
Phone: (870) 538-2000
Fax: (870) 538-2027

East Arkansas Regional Unit
17 Miles (Approx.) Southeast Forrest City
Lee County
P.O. Box 970,
Marianna, AR 72360
Phone: (870) 295-4700
Fax: (870) 295-6564

Grimes Unit
300 Corrections Drive,
Newport, AR 72112
Phone: (870) 523-5877
Fax: (870) 523-8302

J.Aaron Hawkins Sr. Center
Off-Highway 365 Wrightsville
P.O. Box 1010,
Wrightsville, AR 72183
Phone: (501) 897-2256
Fax: (501) 897-2262

Maximum Security Unit
2501 State Farm Rd.,
Tucker, AR 72168-8713
Phone: (501) 842-3800
Fax: (501) 842-1977

McPherson Unit
302 Corrections Drive,
Newport, AR 72112
Phone: (870) 523-2639
Fax: (870) 523-6202

Mississippi County Work Release Center
Off Meadow Road, Mississippi County
P.O. Box 10
Luxora, AR 72358-0010
Phone: (870) 658-2214
Fax: (870) 658-2678

North Central Unit
10 Prison Circle,
Calico Rock, AR 72519
Phone: (870) 297-4311
Fax: (870) 297-4322

Northwest Arkansas Work Release Center
600 West Sunset Avenue,
Springdale, AR 72764
Phone: (479) 756-2037
Fax: (479) 756-0445

Ouachita River Unit
Off Highway 67 South.
100 Walco Lane,
Malvern, AR 72104
Phone: (501) 467-3400
Fax: (501) 467-3430

Pine Bluff Re-Entry Center
6841 West 13th Ave. (second driveway),
Pine Bluff, AR 71602
Phone: (870) 730-0381

Pine Bluff Unit
890 Free Line Drive,
Pine Bluff, AR 71603-1498
Phone: (870) 267-6510
Fax: (870) 267-6523

Randall L. Williams Correctional Facility
7206 West 7th Avenue,
Pine Bluff, AR 71603
Phone: (870) 267-6800
Fax: 870 267-6808

Texarkana Regional Correction Center
305 East 5th Street,
Texarkana, AR 71854
Phone: (870) 779-3939
Fax: (870) 779-1616

Tucker Unit
25 miles Northeast Pine Bluff
P.O. Box 240,
Tucker, AR 72168-0240
Phone: (501) 842-2519
Fax: (501) 842-3958

Varner/Varner Supermax Unit
28 miles South Pine Bluff
P.O. Box 600,
Grady, AR 71644-0600
Phone: (870) 575-1800
Fax: (870) 479-3803

Willis H. Sargent Training Academy
1500 NE 1st St.,
England, AR 72046
Phone: (501) 842-8580

Wrightsville Unit
10 miles South Little Rock
Off Wrightsville Highway 365
P.O. Box 1000,
Wrightsville, AR 72183-1000
Phone: (501) 897-5806
Fax: (501) 897-5716

How to Find Information on Inmates in Arkansas Jails and Prisons

All information regarding persons incarcerated and housed in Arkansas state prisons and correctional institutions are typically managed and disseminated by individual facilities. However, the Arkansas Department of Corrections pools and publishes this information on the ADC website. The site’s online resources include tools for retrieving personal and crime-related data of current inmates, as well as publications on inmate welfare, visitation schedules, inmate mail, and developmental programs. Any information unavailable on the site may be obtained by querying the facility where the inmate is housed.

How Do I Obtain Records from Arkansas State Jails?

The Inmate Search Tool featured on the ADOC website allows members of the public to retrieve information regarding the housing facilities of inmates by conducting an online search. To find an inmate using the tool, the user must furnish the engine with the required parameters, such as the first/last name of the inmate, their designated ADOC number, gender, and race. The tool may also be used to obtain details of an inmate’s incarceration and mugshots. The Offense Description Tool provides descriptive details of the crime(s) for which the inmate was charged. Queries regarding the process and other related inquiries may be made to the Technical Support Unit of the department, or the staff of the facility where the inmate is domiciled.

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