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St. Francis County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

St. Francis County Information

St. Francis County is based in Arkansas. In 2010, St. Francis County had a total population of 28,258, according to a local census. Forrest City is the current county seat in St. Francis County.

It was formed in 1827.

It was named for the St. Francis River. It is a tributary of the Mississippi River, about 426 miles (686 km) long.

St. Francis County comprises the Forrest City, AR Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is also included in the Memphis-Forrest City, TN-MS-AR Combined Statistical Area.

St. Francis County Arrest Records

In St. Francis County, arrest records are also kept on each crime within the jurisdictional area. Crimes in St. Francis County are separated into two primary categories, violent crime and property crime. Property crimes can include things such as burglary, vehicle theft, and larceny. Robbery, aggravated assault, murder, and forcible rape make up the four main violent crime categorizations. 132 violent and 882 property crimes occurred in St. Francis County back in 2018. St. Francis County Sheriff’s Office can be contacted at:

St. Francis County Sheriff’s Office
313 South Izard Street
Forrest City, AR 72335
Phone: (870) 633-2611
Fax: (870) 261-1784

St. Francis County Criminal Records

St. Francis County records their criminal activity in the form of criminal records. These records cover murders, rapes, burglaries, arson, motor vehicle theft, assaults, and crimes of a sexual nature. All police records in St. Francis County are all updated. Individuals of St. Francis County can use a search tool in order to get access to the records in question. Anyone on release or in jail can be searched for using the tool. The St. Francis County sex offender register is updated constantly. Every single offender living, working, attending school, or incarcerated in the St. Francis County area must be on this list. All St. Francis County citizens may access an up-to-date copy of this register.

Residents of St. Francis County can therefore search for any sex offenders within a certain distance of their homes. Locals give a zip code and decide the radius of their search. All offenders within that area will then be revealed to the searcher. Residents can also lookup specific offenders in St. Francis County. Non-compliant and imprisoned offenders are also shown in the results.

St. Francis County Court Records

The criminal, civil, and family cases in St. Francis County are all managed by the county courthouse. Court records in St. Francis County are compiled and looked after by the court clerk. The Court of Appeals of Arkansas holds power to review all contested cases across the state. These lower courts over which the Court of Appeals oversees encompass the 75 superior or trial courts across the 75 counties, including St. Francis County. St. Francis County court records can be obtained in-person at:

St. Francis County Courthouse
313 South Izard #8
Forrest City, AR 72335
Phone: (870) 261-1715
Fax: (870) 261-1723

NOTE - Average records can be delivered to the requester by fax, email, or mail. In contrast, any official or accredited records in St. Francis County can only be delivered via mail.

Conducting a search is subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.

St. Francis County Public Records

The state keeps vital records on every single member of the public in Arkansas, including St. Francis County. All important life events are recorded in these records. These records can contain anything from births and deaths to marriages and divorces. St. Francis County is, as well as other counties in the state, pivotal in the collection of these records for Arkansas. These counties, such as St. Francis County, are usually put in charge of acquiring files and sending copies to the state government.

Arkansas requires all county clerks to collect marriage records. These records are kept at the Arkansas Department of Health. The key vital records are birth certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, marriage licenses, divorce certificates, marriage certificates, and more. One central registry is used to store all vital records, including those from St. Francis County. These records can then be used for statistical analysis.

In St. Francis County, locals can access and copy these vital records because they are positioned in the public domain. The 1967 Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in Arkansas gave all locals of St. Francis County the fundamental right to access these public records. The most recent change to this law came in 2017. To attain public records in St. Francis County, citizens must enquire copies at:

St. Francis County Clerk’s Office
313 South Izard Street #8
Forrest City, AR 72335
Phone: (870) 261-1715
Fax: (870) 261-1723

NOTE - St. Francis County has a variety of rules that needs to be followed with regards to obtaining records. St. Francis County requesters must get records between 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. CST from Monday to Friday. To get records in St. Francis County, photo identification is needed. Both driver's licenses and state IDs would suffice. St. Francis County insists upon public record applications being put in writing.