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Poinsett County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Poinsett County Background Information

Poinsett County is county-based in the state of Arkansas. The total population of Poinsett County in 2010 was 24,583. The current county seat is Harrisburg.

It was formed in 1838.

It was named for Joel Roberts Poinsett, U.S. Secretary of War.

Poinsett County is included in the Jonesboro, AR Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Poinsett County Arrest Records

Arrest records are kept on every single crime in Poinsett County. Every single crime in Poinsett County is separated into two sections in the crime report. The groups in question are violent crime and property crime. Property crimes can include things such as burglary, vehicle theft, and larceny. Robbery, aggravated assault, murder, and forcible rape make up the four main violent crime categorizations. Poinsett County had 6 violent and 1 property crime back in 2016. Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office can be contacted at:

Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office
1500 Justice Drive
Harrisburg, AR 72432
Phone: (870) 578-5411
Fax: (870) 578-4417

Poinsett County Criminal Records

Poinsett County records their criminal activity in the form of criminal records. These records cover murders, rapes, burglaries, arson, motor vehicle theft, assaults, and crimes of a sexual nature. In Poinsett County and across the whole state of Arkansas, police officers are required to keep an up-to-date list of all criminal records. In order to get access to the records in question, Poinsett County citizens can use a search tool. Anyone on release or in jail can be searched for using the tool. Poinsett County sex offender register is updated constantly. Every offender living, working, attending school, or jailed in the Poinsett County area must be on this list. This register is made available to all locals of Poinsett County.

Locals of Poinsett County also have the right to search for any nearby offenders. An individual must simply enter a zip code to act as the center of their search. All offenders within that area will then be revealed to the searcher. People may also use the tool to search for specific offenders. Results encompass all offenders, even those imprisoned or non-compliant.

Poinsett County Court Records

Poinsett County criminal, civil, and family cases are all overseen by the county courthouse. Court records in Poinsett County are amassed and preserved by the court clerk. The Court of Appeals of Arkansas holds power to review all contested cases across the state. These lower courts often refer to one of the 75 superior or trial courts found across Arkansas’s 75 counties, including Poinsett County. Poinsett County court records can be accessed at:

Poinsett County Courthouse
401 Market Street
Harrisburg, AR 72432
Phone: (870) 578-4410
Fax: (870) 578-4427

NOTE - Standard records in Poinsett County can be directed by mail, email, or fax. Poinsett County official records can only be delivered via mail.

Conducting a search is subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.

Poinsett County Public Records

Vital records are kept on each resident in Arkansas. All important life events are reported in these records. These records could include marriages, divorces, deaths, births, and more. Counties such as Poinsett County help to collect these documents. The state requires some counties to collect and send copies of the reports.

Each and every county clerk collects marriage records in Arkansas. The Arkansas Department of Health collects all Poinsett County records. Vital records may include birth certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, marriage licenses, divorce certificates, marriage certificates, and more. One central registry is used to store all vital records, including those from Poinsett County. All records may later be used for statistical analysis.

Poinsett County residents can access and copy all public records. The 1967 Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in Arkansas gave all locals of Poinsett County the fundamental right to access these public records. In 2017, the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was amended. To purchase public records in Poinsett County, residents can obtain copies in-person at:

Poinsett County Clerk’s Office
401 Market Street
Harrisburg, AR 72432
Phone: (870) 578-4420
Fax: (870) 578-4427

NOTE - Poinsett County has several rules that need to be followed when obtaining records. Poinsett County requesters must attain records between 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. CST from Monday to Friday. To get records in Poinsett County, photo identification is needed. This could consist of a driver’s license or state ID. All Poinsett County public record requests must be put in writing.