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Arkansas Public Records
Court Dockets Search

Arkansas Court Docket Search

An Arkansas court docket serves as a comprehensive record of case proceedings. They are created to facilitate effective case management, track progress, and ensure organized schedules.

A court docket search provides individuals access to public court case information according to the provisions of Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. The law allows for the dissemination of Arkansas court records, provided they are not deemed private or exempt from public disclosure.

Court dockets are especially beneficial to case parties, attorneys, and the general public as they offer valuable information on trial dates and locations, presiding judges, submitted documents, cases scheduled for specific days, and judgments. They can be searched through online resources provided by the record custodian in the court where the case was heard or state-maintained repositories. Several third-party aggregate sites also offer public access court docket searches for a fee.

What is a Court Docket in Arkansas?

A court docket in Arkansas comprises a detailed account of court case proceedings, encompassing information on involved parties, hearing dates, and any rulings or judgments made. A typical docket report enables users to monitor a case's progress and pinpoint crucial dates, such as appeal filing deadlines.

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) in Arkansas oversees the generation and management of court dockets alongside the office of the County Court Clerks in various judicial districts. The AOC's statewide case management system helps courts organize and track cases and provides access to court dockets virtually.

Are Court Dockets Public Record in Arkansas?

Yes, court dockets in Arkansas are classified as public records. However, their disclosure is subject to certain limitations and exclusions under the Arkansas Public Records Act. Records sealed by court orders or containing confidential or sensitive information are protected by the judicial right to privacy. However, while court records are public, there are fees associated with obtaining copies of these documents, and restrictions may apply to their usage once obtained, as per Arkansas statutes.

Where to Find a Court Docket in Arkansas

There are multiple ways of finding court dockets in Arkansas; they include online databases, in-person visits to courthouses, and solicitations (to concerned record custodians) made via mail or fax.

In-Person Visits to Courthouses

To get a court docket in person, inquirers may visit the courthouse in the county where the case was heard. Most courthouses in Arkansas have free self-service terminals where interested persons can search court dockets at no cost. However, most courthouses have designated working hours and may require the visitor to schedule a visit ahead of time.

Requests Made by Mail or Fax

Court dockets are held by the court's administrative office where the case was heard. Requests may request access to these dockets via mail or fax, or request directions to access the dockets. To make this request, the requestor must provide the case number or party name, their contact information, and any applicable fees. The court will then send over a duplicate of the mentioned agenda via mail or fax.

Online Databases

Court dockets are available through online databases. Third-party aggregators often manage these databases, and they allow users to search dockets or cases by party name, case number, or lawyer name. The data set incorporates both criminal and common cases, and users will be provided with basic case information for their perusal.

Third-party options aside, Arkansas county courts also provide online access to court docket information where the case was heard within their jurisdiction. For instance, the Pulaski County Circuit and County Courts offer an internet-based case search tool that permits users to look for cases by case number or party name.

How to Conduct an Arkansas Court Docket Search

There are multiple ways of getting to court docket in Arkansas. The ideal option will depend on the requestors' preference and the sought-after information.

Arkansas Judiciary Case Search

The Arkansas Judiciary Case Search is a database that allows users to search for case information by party name, case number, or lawyer. It features records from all Arkansas circuit courts and district courts. To use this service, inquirers may:

  • Go to the Arkansas Judiciary Case Search site.
  • Enter the search criteria needed (party name, case number, or lawyer).
  • Click the search button.
  • The database will then show a rundown of cases that match the person's search criteria.

Arkansas Court Connect

Arkansas Court Connect maintains court case information culled from Arkansas circuit courts, district courts, appellate courts and a few municipal courts. To use this service:

  • Go to the Arkansas Court Connect site.
  • Click the "Search Records" button.
  • Enter the inquiry standards you need to utilize (the party name, case number, or lawyer).
  • Click the "Search" button.
  • The data set will then show a rundown of cases that matches the data input.

In-Person at the Courthouse

Individuals can visit the courthouse where the case was heard to conduct a court docket search in person. In this case, the requesting party will be required to furnish the custodian with information to facilitate the search and pay the designated fees before the record is provided.

What Do Court Dockets Contain in Arkansas?

Court dockets generated in Arkansas contain the following details:

  • The names of case parties, i.e., the plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) names
  • The name of an attorney representing a party
  • The assigned case number
  • The case type. For example, family, traffic, criminal, or civil.
  • The dates and times of scheduled court proceedings, as well as the type of proceeding
  • The next scheduled court proceeding
  • The court location where a hearing will take place
  • The name of the presiding judicial officer (the magistrate or judge)
  • A brief description of the case, including the claims or charges brought in a case, the statute(s) violated, and outstanding fines. Some courts also include notes that give individuals additional information, such as if a court appearance is necessary for a hearing.
  • The case's filing date
  • Results of court proceedings, including rulings entered by the court
  • The case status, such as if the case is active or closed
  • A list of documents filed in a court case, such as pleadings, motions, affidavits, orders, opinions and briefs

Note that the contents of court dockets vary by court. As a result, some dockets contain only some of the information mentioned above, whereas others may deliver additional case details.

What is a Court Docket Number in Arkansas?

A court docket number is an identifier designated to each case documented in a court. It is ascribed to dockets to aid tracking and management and can be useful when seeking or searching court case information.

Docket numbers are a combination of letters and numbers. In Arkansas, the court docket number starts with the court's abbreviation, trailed by the case type, the year the case was recorded, and a unique number designated out to the case.

For instance, a court docket number for a typical case recorded in the Pulaski District Circuit Court in 2023 could be in this format: PCCV-23-12345. In this case, "PCC" represents Pulaski Region Circuit Court, "V" is a typical case, "23" shows the year the case was recorded, and "12345" is the unique case number.



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